Charter Commission

Charter Commission

The Charter Commission updates the City's Charter, a legal document that establishes a basic framework of law within the City. The Charter Commission engages in the following: develops a strategy for revising the charter; proposes, reviews, and studies proposed changes or modifications to the charter; gathers community and City officials' input on the proposed, updated charter; and, submits the charter for review by the Governor's office, including the Attorney General's office for legal compliance. Once approved by the Governor's office, the City Charter will be returned to the ballot for the public to vote on before becoming law.

The nine member board made up of City residents elected in August 2016 to serve a three-year term.

For more information about the Charter Commission, contact Gregory Newman, City Clerk at or by calling (517) 622-7920. Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes are available online.

January 1, 2018 - UPDATE

Charter Commission meetings will resume once the Attorney General's Office has completed their review of the proposed Charter document. 

Updated meeting information will be posted when it becomes available.

Follow this link for the most recent draft proposed charter.  Continue below if you wish to submit public comment regarding the draft City Charter.

Charter Commission                        Board Members Term Expires
Lyle S. Clark 2019
Michael Coll 2019
Sheila R. Deming 2019
Robert E. Doty 2019
Sandra J. Keller 2019
Lynne MacDowell 2019
Jason Barclay 2019
Alan Miller 2019
Michael Moyes 2019

Charter Commissioners (L-R, clockwise)

Sandra J. Keller, Michael Coll, Alan Miller, Michael Moyes, Lyle S. Clark, Jason Barclay, Lynne MacDowell, Robert E. Doty, and Sheila R. Deming

Charter Revision Estimated Timeline 2015-2018

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To review the Charter Commission's current FAQ, click here.

City Council Resolutions

Resolution #002 - Propose a General Revision of the City Charter click here.

Resolution #003 - Call for the Election of a Charter Commission click here.

Submit Public Comments

Public comment on the revised charter document can be provided in the following ways:

In Person - Attend a Charter Commission meeting and provide comments during the Public Comments portion. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 5:30pm. All meetings are held at City Hall, 310 Greenwood Street, Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Email - Submit your comments or suggestions via email to