Board of Review

Board of Review

The Board of Review meets to review the assessment roll and also to hold hearings for taxpayers protesting assessments. The Board may adjust assessments, grant homestead and qualified agricultural property exemptions, and grant hardship exemptions.

It is a three member board made up of City residents appointed by the Mayor for three-year terms expiring the second Monday in January. Board members must have experience in accounting, law or real estate appraisal, with at least two members owning property in the City. Members of the City Council, Grand Ledge Public Schools board, or any relative of any member of these bodies may not serve on the Board of Review. The Board regularly meets in March, July and December, in Meeting Room B106, City Hall, 310 Greenwood St.

For more information about the Board of Review, contact the City Assessor, Chris Coucke, via or at (517) 622-7932. To learn more about property taxes and assessing in the City of Grand Ledge click here.


Benjamin Banks 2017
Dick McKeon 2022
Charles Hoffmeyer 2021
 Thom Sowle - Alternate 2021

*Members continue to serve beyond term expiration until a successor has been appointed.